The Ultimate Guy’s Weekend

It was late and the boys were finally ready to have a good time. Johnathon and Francis traveled to Ohio and stayed with Mark for a vacation for a guy’s weekend. They bought food, ordered a sports event on pay-per-view and planned on staying in until they heard there was a party was happening that night. They went to the party and had a fantastic time. While at the party, Mark saw the host’s outside area. He had a really cool pool but what really caught Mark’s eye was the huge hot tub that was next to the pool. It was the greatest thing Mark had seen. He walked over to the host of the party and asked about where he purchased his hot tub. After their talk Mark was excited because he now knew where to buy the hot tub and it was really affordable.

The party was over and the boys were at a restaurant. They had a few hours before the sports event started on pay-per-view. Mark told his buddies about the hot tub and explained that since they were only up in Ohio for the weekend they should get the best experience possible. Johnathon and Francis thought it was a great idea as well so after dinner they went to the hot tub shop that the host of the party suggested.

At the shop, there were hundreds of hot tubs. It was crazy how many different hot tubs there were. Different brands, different varieties and different features. Francis, Mark and Johnathon had never been in a hot tub before so of course they were excited. The hot tub dealer came out from his office. He was kind-hearted and nice. Mark and Francis were set to buy one of the dealer selected hot tubs, but Johnathon’s attention was elsewhere. He had caught the attention of a golden hot tub that glowed a light green when filled with water. It was as if the hot tub was speaking to Johnathon. He told Mark and Francis to come look and they were hooked as well. They couldn’t stop looking at it. They all agreed to buy the hot tub. It was sent over to Mark’s apartment and installed outside of their patio. They watched the sports event while they relaxed in their new hot tub.