Get Some Sleep

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Getting a newborn child to sleep for more than an hour can seem impossible to most. You have your new baby home from the hospital, and from there on the child is your responsibility. It is in your hands and you have to make sure they are taken care of. No pressure. However, recently I ran into an old friend from High School who gave me some advice on my struggling life. She told me to look into a cradling swing. She kept going on about how relaxing it is for the child and how much time and hassle it will save me as the parent.

So I began to look into what a cradling swing really was, and what I found turned out to be amazing. Cradling swings are meant to help the child feel held and safe while giving the parent a moment of free time. It is meant to hold the swaddle made for the child and then rhythmically sway back and forth and the desired pace chosen by the parents. I was sold. I was at my wits end and wanted sleep more than anything in the world. That is when I came across Ingenuity Inlighten products. This brand had some of the most elite cradling swing attachments and products. I told my husband about it and off to the store we went. We found the department and bought ourselves a cradling swing for the little one at home.

I have never seen such a vast change in such a short period of time. By the next week our baby was sleeping through the night and not even flinching one time. We put her to a slow rock and she is sound asleep. I have never been so thankful to anyone as I was for seeing my old friend from school.